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            MARK LEGERE                            


We are  New England's PREMIER Paranormal Investigating Team Based in Historic SALEM,MA.!!
Our Team of dedicated professionals take great pride in helping families gain a better understanding of all things considered Paranormal. Do you hear strange noises or maybe see shadows moving from time to time? Have you heard disembodied voices or whispers in your home or place of business late at night?
Have items been moved or just go missing?
Have you ever felt unexplained cold spots or have you been touched by some unseen presence?
If you and your family have had enough of any of these disturbing and scary occurances or if you just want answers, get in touch with us..
Our team combines years of experience with some of the BEST scientific equipment available in the field!
Check out our Equipment page!
We deal with ALL types of hauntings from the warm positive entities to the extremely negative energies.

All clients are treated with the highest level of respect at all times.
All cases are confidential and we will NEVER post any evidence online without the permission of the client.
We will provide any evidence we find within two weeks of the investigation.
We are also experienced in cleansing or removing negative energies as requested